Love You to Death Giclee Prints Available On-Line with PayPal

     Love You to Death, featured on the  October 2009 cover of  The American Journal of Nursing, can be purchased using PayPal online.  Click on the Love You to Death tab  on this blog’s homepage:

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About Love You to Death

     I left pediatric intensive care and transitioned to adult outpatient oncology nursing following my treatment for cancer. I wanted to be an artist. The change provided me with the extra time and energy needed to make art.

I was dating a pharmacist I worked with at the hospital. Things were getting serious between us. I worried about marriage.  Would it interfere with my freedom to make art?

At the clinic, I met an elderly couple married over fifty years. They came several times a week for the wife’s treatment. Towards the end of her life, she often arrived confused and disoriented. Her husband was her caretaker and a diabetic. He sat in the bedside chair, tickling her polished toes during her infusions. One day, she arrived particularly obtunded. I was surprised when, out of her stupor, she called for a nurse. She told me her husband was in trouble and to check his blood sugar. Slumped in the chair, his sugar was low. He revived on orange juice and crackers with peanut butter.

I made Love You to Death with this story in mind. I learned that if I am lucky to live long enough, in a happy marriage, I could experience something deeper than love: devotion.

I married the pharmacist.

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