For St. Patrick’s Day πŸ€: A New Episode of The Adventures of Nurse Niki

The Adventures of Nurse Niki

I’m running a little late this week-blame it on Daylight Saving Time! Or that my husband and I painted a few of the walls of our home, finished preparing our taxes, and a host of other projects over the weekend that I won’t bore you with. The point is, there’s a new episode of The Adventures of Nurse Niki posted.

If you’re following the current storyline, you know that Niki is being held at gunpoint by her patient’s father in a PICU room. As the scenario spools out, Niki comes up with an idea crazy enough that it just might save her life, and her patient’s.

The Adventures of Nurse Niki is a serial fiction blog about the life of a Pediatric Intensive Care Nurse. If you’re new to the story, and wish to start at the beginning, click on this link for Chapter 1

Just a side note, but today marks the 22nd anniversary of my cancer survivorship!

Happy St Patrick’s Day from The Adventures of Nurse Niki, and JParadisiRN!