Buy JParadisi Paintings From Cradle to Grave: The Color White (Featured in Scrubs Magazine Print Version) Online

Sometimes My Surgical Mask Feels Like a Gag. Graphite and oil stick on paper 13 3/4″ x 11 3/4″ by jparadisi.  Click to enlarge image.

These original paintings ( not reproductions) from the series From Cradle to Grave: The Color White are available for purchase. Each painting is made on high quality archival paper with hand-deckled (torn) edges. Online transactions are processed securely through Paypal (you don’t need a Paypal account yourself).  Free shipping in the continental United States by USPS insured, priority mail. Contact me: to purchase, or for more information.

The Christening Dress. graphite, ink, oil on paper 12″ x 10 1/2″ by jparadisi Click on image to enlarge.
From Cradle to Grave: The Color White. graphite, ink, oil on paper by jparadisi 9″ x 8 1/2″  Click on image to enlarge
First Communion (Little girls in White Dresses) charcoal, oil stick, wax on paper 15″ x 11 1/2″ by jparadisi click on image to enlarge. by jparadisi SOLD



Mean Girls (First Communion II) This painting appeared in the Art of Nursing column of the American Journal of Nursing March, 2011 issue. graphite, ink, oil on paper 13″ x 11″ by jparadisi. Click on image to enlarge.
The Bride. ink, graphite, oil stick on paper 11″ x 9″ by jparadisi  Click on image to enlarge.
Argonauta: The Beach at My Back. graphite & oil stick on paper 13″ x 13″ by jparadisi  Click on image to enlarge. SOLD
The White That binds (Pinning Ceremony) mixed media by jparadisi. click to enlarge image. SOLD


  1. Not only are you a great preceptor but an outstanding artist….I love your art and the simplicity of it with a meaning that is different from the viewers point. Thanks for sharing and continue to post
    your art! I love the “First Communion”, so many memories for me.


  2. I found your blog during an extensive google search for artistic nurses. Like the comments from Diana above, my artistic life was put aside when I became a nurse. I spent the first few years of my nursing career in an identity crisis because I had lost my creative side and felt a part of me was missing. I have now made a conscious effort to bring art and creativity back into my life and I love finding inspiring nurses like you who have found a way to coverage the two. I love that you are getting the message out there that art and nursing can and do go hand in hand!
    I too am now making an effort to encourage others to bring creativity into their lives on my site.
    Thanks for all you do. Your work is beautiful. I am looking forward to reading more of your posts and seeing more of your art.


  3. Diana, your comment made my day, and it’s still morning. Thank you.
    Congratulations on graduation, passing Boards, and your first nursing position!
    Perhaps we’ll be seeing your art work featured in Scrubs Magazine in the future.


  4. Hi there…I am an almost 50 year old freelance artist who put my artistic life to the side while I completed my nursing education the past few years. I saw your work featured in Scrubs magazine and I cut out the images and pasted them next to my computer so while I was studying for finals and then preparing for my state boards I knew there was an artistic light at the end of the tunnel…Well I passed my boards, am gainfully employed as a registered nurse, and have started creating again…I would like to thank you for creating artwork that I can relate to and it’s ability to have inspired my perseverance…


  5. J…..Your work is amazing!!! I had no idea you were an artist. I love the way you blend your nursing into painting. You are giving the vocation a voice through art.

    Spring (I’m proud to say I knew you when…)


  6. Juli, you are amazing! An excellent Nurse to work with and a talented artist. Keep expressing your self as your art is easy to identify with. Carol RN


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