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11 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I do not make or paint clogs. I purchased a custom pair with one of my original paintings transferred onto a pair from The Swanx a few years ago. A quick Internet search seems to indicate that they are no longer in business.

  2. Are you still designing the nursing clogs? They are so beautiful and it speaks directly to one’s heart because its so personal. If you still personalize the nursing clogs please let me know how I can place an order.

  3. I have been just drawn to your two graphite/charcoal drawings associated with moral distress. The google caption says they are part of the Goldsmith Artists Collaborative 2008. Are there prints of those two drawings for sale. How do I obtain them if they are.

  4. I purchased a copy of your print from AJN October 2009 cover, Love You to Death. I gave it to my SO for Christmas at that time. I now would like to give him a print if you have any left. I can now afford (I think) to buy a print instead of a copy. Thank you for your time. I love your work. Linda

  5. Hi Julie! I read about your additions to Scrubs magazine and was so excited that I could see your work. I especially like the paintin with the thong! I ask David how you are often but am glad to finally contact you. Keep up the fabulous art work, and great patient care. Memories of you lighten my heart, you know. Love Patrice.

  6. I love your paintings. Can I share them on my website,

    It’s where I blog about success as a new grad. I feel like your paintings evoke an emotional response that makes one contemplate the purely human aspect of nursing.

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