About JParadisi RN

With Bated Breath photo credit: David E. Forinash

J. Paradisi RN, OCN-emeritus finds inspiration where science, humanity, and art converge, creating compelling images. She is a multi-disciplined artist with a focus on painting and writing. Her  paintings have been exhibited in galleries throughout the Pacific Northwest, and published nationally. Julianna lives in Portland, Oregon. She studied art at the Pacific Northwest College of Art. Learn more about her at juliannaparadisiart.com and follow her on Instagram @julparart

Gallery Representation: Playground Gallery, Portland, OR

A nurse for over thirty years, Julianna has specialized in pediatric intensive care nursing, and adult oncology. She is an author/illustrator for Off the Charts the blog of the American Journal of Nursing.

Julianna is the author of The Adventures of Nurse Niki (fiction so lifelike it’s almost real), a fictional blog written in the voice of Nurse Niki. Nurse Niki has a Facebook Fan Page and can be followed on Twitter @NurseNikiAdven

Julianna’s painting Love You to Death was published on the cover of the October 2009 issue of the American Journal of Nursing. The AJN blog, Off the Charts in the April 24, 2009 The Triple Talents of Some Nurse Bloggers by Sylvia Foley had this to say about Julianna Paradisi:

If you read Julianna Paradisi’s blog, you probably know that she’s been a pediatric intensive care nurse and now works as an adult oncology nurse. She’s also an accomplished painter with numerous group and solo shows to her credit. (I’m especially partial to the Greetings from Slabtown series, which depicts decaying buildings from an industrial area in Portland, Oregon.) She blogs about health care and art, and sometimes, on how these intersect. In On Art and IV’s Part I she tells us, “I have an affinity for privacy,” then considers the difference between charting and writing; in Part II, she writes about bringing focus and conviction to bear in one’s work.

And in her May 2010 post, The Manifold Talents of Nurses who are Artists, Sylvia writes:

As the coordinator of AJN’s Art of Nursing department, I’m intrigued by intersections between the two fields: Art and Nursing. About a year ago I profiled several multitalented nurses (The Triple Talents of Some Nurse Bloggers), including Julianna Paradisi, an RN, artist, and writer who blogs about “where science, humanity, and art converge” at JParadisi RN’s Blog. (Her painting Love You to Death appeared on our October 2009 cover.) In March Paradisi launched a second blog, Die Krankenschwester, which emphasizes images. One series depicts rituals followed “From Cradle to Grave”; another considers the iconography of call lights. Paradisi’s work is beautiful and thought-provoking; stop by and have a look.


  1. Hi Julianna-

    John sent me a link to your blog and I wanted to say hi. Enjoyed reading the blog, particularly your focus on the convergence of science humanity and art. I will be in the Manor of Art show as well- Room 351. Hope to meet you in person soon.




  2. Hi Julie,

    I was perusing Facebook, searched your name and got this link.
    Hope you are well. Nice art collection! Looks like your work is inspiring to you.
    We are both lucky in that respect.
    Cyalater! LRB


  3. So nice to “meet” you, Julianna! I just happened upon your blog and am so glad I did – it seems as though we have a lot in common where our interests lie, you and I 🙂 Thoroughly enjoyed my visit here – what a pleasure!


  4. Hi Julianna! I found your blog through AJN and I’m so happy to find a fellow nurse/writer/artist. I am an OR nurse and I have my MFA in creative writing (poetry). I also love to paint and draw and I’m fascinated with the place where nursing converges with art and creativity. It’s wonderful to find a woman with common interests, as I’ve often struggled with how my love of nursing and art can coexist.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and passions with us! I look forward to following along. I also love your latest post with your drawings of the human figure. I have taken a few studio classes with live models and it’s such a unique and memorable experience.

    Take care, Libby.


  5. Hi, I wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed your Best of the Blog from the AJN May 2020- One in 4 Million: The Nurse Who Mentored Me. The story really hit home for me and reminded me of two nurses who are very special to me. Thank you for the article and thanks for sharing!


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