Color Coded for Easy Identification

The White that Binds (Pinning Ceremony) jparadisi 2010

On my other blog, Die Krankenschwester, I explore issues of gender, role, and identity through nursing imagery.  J Doe at Those Emergency Blues wrote an excellent post this morning about titles and power.  Her post runs corollary to the idea of color used as a label of identity in my series of paintings From Cradle to Grave: The Color White. In The Color White series, I question the links between the color white, femininity, purity, and nursing.

In her book Color, author Victoria Finlay (2002 Ballantine Books) discusses the historical association of the color purple with royalty.  If some physicians insist they are the only ones who may use the title Doctor in the medical setting, then perhaps they should be required to wear the color purple in hospitals, which was traditionally only allowed to royalty in ancient times. That way, patients will know at a glance who their doctor is, because name badges and an introduction may not be enough.

I’m just sayin…

New Image Posted on Die Krankenschwester

Mean Girls (First Communion II) is the latest painting exploring identity posted on the art blog Die Krankenschwester.