Checking Out of the Manor of Art

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The door is closed on The Darling's Nursery, room 360 at The Manor of Art. photo: JParadisi

     Last night, we took down the art work in The Darling’s Nursery, room 360 in The Manor of Art. Thanks to Portland City Art, and Milepost 5  for creating a successful event that was a pleasure to be a part of. Thanks to all of you who came to visit and supported the arts in Portland!


The Manor of Art: Julianna Paradisi in Room 360

   My summer hiatus after installing two gallery exhibitions last month proved to be short-lived. I am now planning a new installation that goes up next week (watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat).  I am one of “100 artists and exhbitions” participating in The Manor of Art at Milepost 5,  900 NE 81st Ave., Portland, Oregon 97213, August 14-23.

   I have room 360 on the creepy third floor(which is perfect for my installation) of  The Manor,  formerly The Baptist Manor Retirement Home,  established in 1915. The 10 day festival of exhibits, live music and performance is housed on three floors of the soon to be renovated building.  The renovation of the building into artist studios signifies phase 2 of the Milepost 5 art campus/community.

   Follow this link:

for the complete schedule and information about The Manor of Art.