Celebrate Flag Day With 14% Discount on JParadisiRN Mugs Today Only!

Nurse mugs now available at the JParadisiRN Art Store.
Nurse mugs now available at the JParadisiRN Art Store.

To Celebrate Flag Day, get a 14% discount on JParadisiRN original coffee mugs today only! Follow the links below, and be sure to use the discount code provided in the banner at the top of the page.

The JParadisiRN Art Store is NEW, offering three paintings of nurses, including a brand new painting of a man-nurse, “Don’t Call Me Murse.”  Two of my most requested paintings, “Sometimes My Surgical Mask Feels Like a Gag,” and “The White That Binds (Pinning Ceremony)” are also available. You can choose a mug from seven different styles, and customize them with the options offered.

I will offer new items soon. Be sure to take a look.

There’s also a permanent link to the JParadisiRNArtStore on this blog’s right-hand column.

Photo Op: Happy Thanksgiving From JParadisi RN

How to Make a Turkey Mask With Simple Objects Found at Work:

Find a respiratory mask, then raid the unit secretary’s desk for forbidden White-Out, Sharpies, and Post-It Notes to make this Turkey Mask and entertain your coworkers for hours during a Thanksgiving shift, or until they force you to get back to work.

Happy Thanksgiving!

A Turkey Mask Made From a Respiratory Mask. mask & image by jparadisi 2011