Resurrection Chair by Julianna Paradisi for The Chair Affair 2009

Resurrection Chair (2009) wood. Artist Julianna Paradisi
Resurrection Chair (2009) wood. Artist Julianna Paradisi

            Created exclusively for the 2009 Chair Affair, Resurrection Chair is a dialogue between the forces of creation and destruction. It is unclear whether the chair is emerging from the driftwood, or decomposing into it. It is a reminder that everything comes from somewhere. There is no cause without an effect.

            The driftwood comes from the banks of the Willamette River. Treated with polyurethane, Resurrection Chair might withstand mild weather conditions, in a garden, or on a porch, providing a variety of display options indoors, or out. Consistent with the chair, there is no guarantee.

                Resurrection Chair by artist Julianna Paradisi, is  displayed at Anka Gallery 325 NW 6th for a First Thursday Reception 6pm-9pm April 2, 2009 , and the first three weeks of April, along with many other chairs. Some chairs are also on display ath PH Reeds (NW 11th & Glisan) and at Mario’s (SW Broadway) in April.

     Resurrection Chair will be auctioned for the benefit of Portland’s Community Warehouse on April 23, 2009 at Staver Locomotive along with chairs and other goods from more than eighty local artists. Tickets are $50 and can be purchased on-line from the Community Warehouse website or by phone: 503.274.4750.