Nursing: A Recession-Proof Major?

     I’ve just returned home from

The Nurse Puppet. photo by J.Paradisi
The Nurse Puppet. photo by J.Paradisi

spending time with family. My sister works for a large corporation that laid off 20% of her coworkers last week.   She was one of the lucky ones who survived the carnage. I can’t imagine what returning to the office on Monday morning is going to be like for her as she peers into the vacant cubicles that once housed her friends.

     In the hotel room, trying not to think about how many generations of bedbugs live in mattresses (it doesn’t matter how nice the hotel is; thanks Dateline) I watched an ancient episode of Emergency! on the TV. I used to watch that show (which was in reruns even then) during  the afternoons after nursing school classes while having lunch and before working on nursing care plans for the next day’s clinical rotation. At Rampart I, Dixie McCall RN, wore her white cap way back, and her feet looked like they hurt even to my student nurse eyes.  Twenty year’s later, I now understand her world-weary look. Still, I count my good fortune for my nursing license, and I am not alone. ABC news made this video report about the growing number of nursing students rising to meet the current shortage of nurses.  Me and Dixie are happy to know that there is growing incentive for people to become nurses and that maybe there will be nurses to care for us when the time comes to hang up our stethescopes.

 Check the video at this link: