The Challenge of Multiple Vocations

Twenty-One (2007) mixed media on vellum. Artist: J.Paradisi
Twenty-One (2007) mixed media on vellum. Artist: J.Paradisi

       Frequently, I’m asked if I plan to quit nursing to become a full time artist and writer. I am a full time artist and writer. When I’m not working the day job, I’m creating art, writing for publication, blogging, painting in the studio, researching who’s looking for the work I produce, hanging a show, or selling my work. Being an artist is a full time endeavor, whether or not the artist gets paid for her work. I can’t imagine not making art.

     What I don’t have is a huge social life. Balancing nursing, making art, and family life takes most of my time. I don’t get out much. It feels like people think, since I’m an artist, I know all of the cool places in town to eat, drink, hear music, or whatever. I do,  but that doesn’t necessarily mean I’ve  been there myself. I hear about these places and events from my cool friends who do go.  There’s not enough time in the day for those things, and to pursue the art I love to make.  

    To answer the original question, do I plan to quit nursing ? No.  I love being a nurse and I love being an artist. I am passionate about both vocations and have found a  way to integrate the two.  The challenge is finding the energy and discipline to create something meaningful every day. 

      I do plan to retire from nursing someday, but I will make art until I am no longer able to do so.


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