I Don’t Get Out Much, But When I Do…

Kaboom 2003 ceramic, raku, glaze. artist: J.Paradisi

Kaboom 2003 ceramic, raku, glaze. artist: J.Paradisi

     Yesterday, after spending the afternoon painting in the studio, I made risotto cakes for dinner, then headed over to Carole Zoom’s Studio for the closing reception of the Hiih Lights show.

     This weekend, Carole is performing a spoken word piece she wrote in No One Wants to See the Wires.  Along with Julie Osborn and Bill Alton, and directed by Curtis Walker, they tell the story of “what goes on behind the scenes when one lives with disabilities” (some adult content). There are two performances:  Saturday, May 30th at 7 pm & Sunday, May 31 at 2 pm, 4625 SE 67th Ave, Portland. Tickets and info at 503.777.1907  www.impetusarts.org

     At Carole’s studio, I met Elizabeth Arledge, and accepted an invitation to participate in a group art show benefitting Disability Rights Oregon  on June 18, 2009. The reception features guest speaker Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown.  The art work is for sale, with portions of the proceeds donated to  Disability Rights Oregon.  I’ll have more information about this later or you can find it at http://www.disabilityrightsoregon.org/

2 thoughts on “I Don’t Get Out Much, But When I Do…

  1. Thanks Zoom. I do clean up nicely, no?
    Congratulations on Zoomtopia,it’s so awesome.
    I’ve added you to my blogroll. JP

  2. Thanks so much for coming to the reception last night! You fit in so well with everybody and I was so happy to see you! Z

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