Sounds Like a Job for Health Care Reform

     A patient called to cancel his appointment for a monthly infusion necessary for the rest of his life (or until a pharmaceutical company comes up with a new medication). He’s been getting it for a few years now. The infusion made it possible for him to go to college. He cancelled his appointment, because he can’t afford the treatment at this time. He is temporarily not covered by health care insurance.

     Upon college graduation, his insurance carrier changed. He missed several treatments while his new insurance carrier took months to review his prescription and medical history,  weighing those against the cost of the medication (it’s expensive).  Eventually, the insurance company gave in, and he resumed the monthly treatments.

     Things continued smoothly, until recently. He took a new job. Isn’t that the point of a college education? Anyway, now he has to wait six months for his new insurance coverage to begin, before he can request to have his treatments resumed, after it is yet again approved for authorization by the new insurance company. The medication is too expensive for anyone but the very wealthy to pay for out of pocket (and even they might balk). So now this patient tries to maintain his health without the medication, so he can continue to work and keep his latent health care benefit.

     If only there was a less expensive health care option available…


  1. Can’t he’s old insurence hold him over until this paperwork or whatever is done. It’s his life. Not his Car or House that can just sit for 6 months. That makes me anxious. People shouldn’t be risking lives like that. Plus it cost more when and if he gets sick again.


  2. You are spot on, Rachel. We should all be anxious. One of the components of Health Care Reform allows for carrying one’s current insurance coverage over to a new job, and eliminates the pre-existing illness clause.


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