Drawing Lessons: Sideways Perspective,Dishwashers & Forks III

Forks Sideways (2009) JParadisi
Fork Sideways (2009) JParadisi

        A  doctor mentioned that if health care reform occurs, he will not make enough money to pay off his student loans. If this is true, he has a valid concern.

     I heard that 62% of personal bankruptcies in the United States are caused by debt incurred from a medical crisis. If this is true, it is also a valid concern.

    Everyone has a reason to be for or against Health Care Reform.  Fork tines upwards, or fork tines downwards.  We know that forks can also be placed in the dishwasher sideways, keeping the tines clean and free of entanglement in the basket. 

     Forks have to be washed after use. Health Care Reform is going to occur, one way or another, because our society can not afford the current system.  Some people fear  Health Care Reform will take away their Medicare benefits. At the current rate that health care costs are increasing, Medicare benefits may need to be cut. Why not change the system, and create a Medicare for all who need it? Medicare for everyone.

        The yelling and pictures of President Obama sporting a Hitler mustache at town hall meetings feels similar to the nurses venting their frustration, anger and distrust at each other and the administration during the intial phases of transition to nurse governance at a hospital, which I posted about on September 3rd. The force of opposition displayed at these meetings on the evening news is reminiscent of the energy surrounding the civil rights movement in the 1960’s and early 70’s. Historically, social change in our country occurs with dramatic labor pains. 

           Health Care Reform is a civil rights issue.

          Maybe, when all of the yelling has stopped, honest, respectful and productive conversation will begin at town hall meetings on the evening news.