Health Care Reform? What the…..??????

     Senator Max Baucus  (D) Montana, along with five other “architects” is writing compromise legislature for Health Care Reform, which includes financially penalizing the uninsured for not having health care insurance.

Under the Baucus plan, all Americans would be required to carry health insurance. For taxpayers with incomes from 100 percent to 300 percent of the poverty level, the penalty for not having coverage would be $750 a year per person, with a maximum penalty of $1,500 for a family.

For taxpayers with incomes over 300 percent of the poverty level, the penalty would be $950 a person, with a maximum penalty of $3,800 for a family.

The poverty level is $10,830 for an individual and $22,050 for a family of four.

  We all know how well mandating automobile insurance works. The insured still pay for the uninsured. It must be a complex piece of legistature, because this piece doesn’t make sense. Will the uninsured receive the money to pay for their insurance? That’s not addressed in this article.

     Read the article in the NY Times:

Democrats Promise to Send Health Plan to Obama

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  1. As a Brit watching from a far it is interesting to see the debate going on over health insurance. In the UK we have the NHS which is actually pretty good. The statistics and reports which have been coming out in the media don’t do it justice. MY wife had our first child two years ago and the care we received was truly brilliant and I applaud nurse and doctors for the roles that they play in society. I only wish my job was half as satisfying yours. Keep up the good work.


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