Siren Nation Art Show at Olympic Mills


The 3rd Annual Siren Nation Festival is November 5-8, 2009 in Portland, Oregon.

Thursday, November 5th The Siren Nation Women Music and Arts Festival kicks off with a huge all-women art show at the Olympic Mills Building (107 Se Washington St.). This art opening will feature the DJ talents of DJ Safi and DJ Tender. “The Journey” is Siren Nation’s annual fine arts exhibition. Through a variety of media “The Journey” expresses, both the overall journey of women and the personal journey of over 50 Portland Artists. This event is all ages. 6-10pm. Free.

Artists in the exhibit include:

Broken in the Fall artist: JParadisi
Broken in the Fall on exhibit @ Olympic Mills artist: JParadisi

Cate Anevski, Julie Blackman, Liz Borowski, Jen Bracy, Anna M Campbell, Gracie Campbell, Cathy Camper, December Carson, Ashley Costa, Kindra Crick, Maria Del Castillo, Shawn Demarest, Rebecca Fassler Clark, Aimee Lynn Fahey, Jessica Fetko, Jennifer Finn, Chelsea Fletcher, Drea Frost, Kristin Fritz, LeeAnn Gauthier, Angela Gay, julie gragg, Sarah Graves, Gigi Grinstad, Agnes Hamilton, Annie Heisey, Julie Jetton, bonnie jones, Lea Keohane, Suzy Kitman, Jeanne Levasseur, Nicole Linde, luna, Stephanie Manton, Genevieve Mercatante, Beth Myrick, Erin Nations, Michelle L. Nguyen, Julianna Paradisi, Nance Paternoster, Alyson Provax, Michelle Purvis, Cassie Ridgway, kerosene rose, Beth Ann Short, S.I.D Need, Amy Stoner, Elissa Tree, Katie Veeninga, Kelly Williams, and heidi elise wirz.

The Olympic Mills Building is open between 9am & 5pm, Monday through Friday. “The Journey” will be on display throughout the months of October and November 2009.

About the Curator: Molly Jochem is a curator and professional artist, working and living in Portland. She has organized fine art shows for Siren Nation, Quart Art Collective, her arty friends, and herself. Her artwork may be viewed at and