JParadisi RN Contributes Posts to AJN’s Off The Charts This Month

My readers may want to know that January has been a busy month for JParadisi RN. The American Journal of Nursing blog, Off The Charts published two original posts written by me.

As an artist, writer, and registered nurse, I am constantly checking myself on the material I write, paint, or photograph. While I’m not afraid of a little controversy, I respect my patients and coworkers. First, do no harm. Also, I’m not making enough money writing and painting to afford losing my nursing gig, so it’s all cool. I explore my thoughts on this subject in yesterday’s post, Nurses, Hospitals, and Social Media: It Depends What Business You’re In.

If you don’t regularly read Off The Charts, I encourage you to start. It provides an intelligent, conversational way to keep abreast of the issues facing nurses and health care.

And if you want to read my other January post, follow this link: The Puzzle of Snowflakes (January 4, 2011).

Special thanks to Off The Charts editor, Jacob Molyneux.