Delta Airlines Fined for Mistreatment of Disabled Passengers

Fellow artist, disability rights activist, and friend of mine, Carole Zoom comments on her treatment by an airlines in an article for the Minnesota-St. Paul Star Tribune:

Carole Zoom of Austin, Texas, an advocate for the disabled, said she was booted off a flight operated by another airline because of her ventilator. A different airline left her on the tarmac of an airport while workers scrambled to find her personal wheelchair. Zoom said she’s missed connecting flights several times because airlines failed to bring her wheelchair.

“It’s unfortunate to know that seven years later, the same kinds of violations are going on,” Zoom said, referring to the 2003 action against Delta. “I have to say that common sense and good customer service would go a long way toward resolving that issue.”

Go Carole! Read the rest of the article by Lora Pabst and Paul Walsh.