It’s a Skill If You Can Repeat It

It's a skill if you can repeat it, right? photo: jparadisi 2012

Hey, I finished a second pair of socks, knitting two at a time on a pair of circular needles! This is probably a yawn for experienced knitters, however, I never knitted socks at all until this year, so for me it’s an accomplishment. Cross that one off of the New Year’s Resolutions list!


  1. i love this!! i{ve also been trying to finish a pair of socks! sadly i only have one done!! im new at this blogging thing, even at this knitting thing! so check me out!


  2. I couldn’t knit at all at 13, so you are way ahead completing a sock! If you’re interested in learning two at a time, Knitting Circles Around Socks by Antje Gillingham has super simple instructions and great step by step photographs.
    Congratz on your new blog! You are off to a great start.
    And thank you for leaving a comment.


  3. In your BIO, you identify yourself as an “artist, writer and a breast cancer survivor” and that your work as a registered nurse. Have you considered, that you also “are” a nurse? just as much as you are an artist, writer and a breast cancer survivor?
    I teach a class called “being a nurse” to first semester Junior undergraduate students. Through this course, I try to send the message to the students, that becoming a registered nurse is much more than a “job”. It is a profession that permeates our lives at every level. I have used your blogs to illustrate just that point! it is very obvious that above all other things you are, you are “a nurse”! Thank you for the wisdom that you share through these blogs.


    1. Daniela, I delayed posting your thoughtful comment in order to think about your words. Recently, at my annual job valuation, my nurse manager said the very same thing, then discussed how we take nursing with us beyond the walls of our institutions. This is what I understand you to mean, and what you teach in “being a nurse.”

      The lines between calling, profession, choice, and upbringing often blur in discussions of identity. Identity is a recurring theme in the art I make and the words I write. I’ve needed to update my bio for sometime. I’ll make the change.

      I’m deeply honored you incorporate my blogs in your class.

      Thank you for your comment and conversation.


  4. Having my only ‘sock’ project be a Christmas stocking (and having a hard time turning the heel without tons of help), I’m super impressed that you’re knitting two at a time….and I’m intrigued. I want to try it! 🙂


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