Not All Nurses Are The Same

by jparadisi 2012

Not all nurses are the same. At work, I entered the staff lounge just in time to overhear one nurse say to another:

“I’m mean really, nurses don’t care about clothes. We have our work clothes, and jeans for home. Who cares about clothes?”

Grabbing my lunch sack, I headed outdoors to eat, inaudibly mumbling:

“I do. I care about clothes.” 

I recently bought a pair of platform wedges. I’ve written before that I envy my neighbor her 7-inch stiletto platforms, and the ability to walk in them as gracefully as a bamboo reed. Just once before I die, I want to own a pair of big girl shoes, and wear them like a grown up.

No one knows I bought them yet, but David, who accompanied me. In fact, he encouraged me to buy them. He thinks the shoes are sexy. I love him.

Even though my new peep toe wedges are only the equivalent of a 3 1/2-inch heel, walking gracefully as a bamboo reed is as difficult as it looks. I’ve been practicing walking in them around the house. Did I mention they’re beige, and make my legs look very long?

This day, the sun shone magnificently, without the slightest threat of rain. I decided to try a test spin outdoors in the new shoes, and walk a few blocks to the bank, though I have a way to go towards developing the skill to walk in them gracefully, like a bamboo reed.

Taking cautious steps, balancing 31/2 inches taller than usual, I pass a man on crutches navigating a sidewalk café table and chair. He intends to enjoy a latte in the brilliant sunlight. I’m unable to offer help, because I don’t have any better control of my legs in these platform wedges. He successfully maneuvers the table and chair, while I slink away with a gait reminiscent of Frankenstein, acknowledging the irony of the scene.

At the bank, the teller asks if I have plans for the rest of this beautiful afternoon. I tell her no, too embarrassed to admit that practicing walking gracefully in my platform wedges is my plan for the afternoon.

As I walk home, my gait becomes smoother. I gain a little confidence. I feel like a grown up. I can’t help it; I like fashion.

Not all nurses are the same.

What sets you apart from your nurse colleagues? Do you have a funny story about it?


  1. Love this! I can soooo relate. My hubby would love it if I could wear high heels but realizes it´s really not safe for me. I love him for that… tee hee!


    1. Peggy, I’m not sure high heels are safe for anyone, actually, but I still like them. Now that I wear them more confidently, I’ll sometimes wear flats enroute to an event, and leave them in the car or tote bag after changing into the more sophisticated heels for a party, restaurant, or art opening. This works particularly well if the event is in the evening after a nursing dayshift!


  2. Love this too!! My nurse co-workers and I were discussing this very topic (high heels) a few days ago because we were going to another co-worker’s wedding reception. One beautiful co-worker set the bar high, so we all went in dresses and heels. I practiced the entire morning and did fairly well on carpet and pavement, but the slick dance floor was still trouble, but what FUN!!! We need to give ourselves permission to not be so practical. Big girls shoes rock!!


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