Velcome to My FrankenMess: When Art & Food Go Awry

Velcome to My FrankenMess. photo: jparadisi 2012

Welcome to my FrankenMess. For Halloween, I tried dipping pretzel sticks into melted icing to make them look like candy corn on a stick, à la Pinterest. This is what they turned out looking like before I gave up. I’m an artist, damn it! Curse You, Pinterest!!!

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!

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  1. Haha this so cracks me up!! I went to Kate’s in NM during Halloween and the same thing happened to us–we made some ‘finger’ sugar cookies that looked awesome until they were baked and then just spread into flat blobs of non-finger-like masses. We made deviled egg eyeballs that, well, looked like deviled eggs. Nothing worked. And I had the same thought: I’m AN ARTIST! It shouldn’t be this hard!!!

    Kate did make, however, some mixed drink cocktails and named them R-CHOP and Red Devil, in my honor. They were much tastier and easier on the system than the coctails you all gave me for sure! 🙂


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