The Adventures of Nurse Niki Episode 31 & Real Nurses Featured in Call Lights Magazine

The Adventures of Nurse Niki
The Adventures of Nurse Niki

There’s Always PhotoShop The Adventures of Nurse Niki Chapter 31 posted this morning. In this new episode Niki attends the Call Lights Magazine photo shoot, and meets an old friend from high school.

Call Lights Magazine, is a fictional plot device of The Adventures of Nurse Niki. Nonetheless features factual articles about real nurses and their creative projects. Featured in the past two weeks are Scissored Moon, a book of the collected poems of Stacy Nigliazzo, an emergency department nurse in Texas. Nigliazzo’s poems are published in many venues, including the American Journal of Nursing, where I first read her work. Links for purchasing a copy of Scissored Moon are included in the article.

Included this week is an interview of Peggy McDaniel, RN, BSN, a nurse living abroad, who’s ocean-inspired photography is available as notecards through Sailgirl Designs.  McDaniel the sole proprietor of this nurse-owned and operated business. The proceeds from sales of her notecards help orphaned children in Kenya. Read her exciting story. Links to the Sailgirl Designs website, and Redbubble (for purchasing the cards) are included in the article.

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The Adventures of Nurse Niki has a new format. The homepage is now static with Chapter One, like a book. The latest chapters are found by clicking the chapter number above the blog’s header, or from the Chapters drop down box at the upper left corner. Each chapters now has a brief description. The changes are in response to suggestions by faithful readers (you know who you are) and are intended to make The Adventures of Nurse Niki friendly to first-time readers, while keeping navigation easy for those following the story from its beginning.

Off the Charts has this to say about The Adventures of Nurse Niki:

This blog is made up entirely of first-person episodes told by a fictional nurse named Niki. Each episode is short, detailed, and engaging, and it’s easy to keep up with it on a regular basis, or quickly catch up if you haven’t yet read any episodes. Jacob Molyneux, AJN senior editor/blog editor

Kevin Ross, aka @InnovativeNurse wrote a review of The Adventures of Nurse Niki, with this highlight:

Julianna has embarked on something special for the nursing community. The Adventures Of Nurse Niki is one of the most intelligent perspectives of life as a nurse. These are the experiences of a “real nurse” if you ask me. Nurse Niki is a smart and dynamic character who works night shift in the PICU at a California hospital. A good television show or fiction novel could certainly draw out the sexiness of working in the ICU, but with Niki’s story we quickly discover that this dynamic character is also struggling to cope with life at the bedside, and as a mother and wife. Hidden within each chapter the discovery is that Nurse Niki is in fact you. She’s me. Well that is of course if I was a woman.

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