Learning Something During COVID 19 Home Isolation: Birding


Yellow-Rumped Warblers from my nature journal ink and watercolor 2020 by Julianna Paradisi

As COVID 19 home isolation continues, I have taken the advice of the magician, Merlin, and decided to learn something.  I’ve taken up birding, which is a natural extension of nature journaling.

I’m learning to identify finches from sparrows, warblers, kinglets, and titmouse. I no longer see a simple bunch of “little brown birds” when I take a walk. I can even identify a few of these birds by their songs or calls.

Apparently, I’m one of a multitude of people to take up birding during home isolation. Nature stores are selling out of backyard feeders, bird seed, and guidebooks. Online classes fill up quickly.

Birding is a family-friendly activity, and I’m hopeful one of the possibilities of goodness to spring forth from the pandemic will be a new generation of conservationists.