To Be an Artist or A Nurse: New Post and Illustration For Off the Charts

Art or Nursing, watercolor and ink, 2021 by Julianna Paradisi

Frequently, I’m asked about my decision to combine careers of artist, writer and nurse: Does it work, how does it work, and am I happy with the decision. In To Be or Not to Be: Choosing Between a Career in Art or Nursing, written and illustrated by me for Off the Charts, the blog of the American Journal of Nursing, I reflect on these questions.  

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  1. I am one you helped keep alive. And I am also one who took the less safe, non-traditional path. It hasn’t always been easy. And I’ve had questioned that decision about a million times.


    1. Kerrie, thank you for commenting ❤️ My need to make art intensified after my cancer experience, but I wasn’t brave enough to jump in with both feet. I admire your art: Readers, visit! I’m slowly learning that the quality of a decision is based on how it aligns with our authenticity and values. Bonus if it serves the greater good, and you make a little coin too. As the poet says, it’s the path not chosen we will always wonder about.


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