It’s Toooooo Hot (!), but the Art Goes On

Room 360 at The Manor of Art

Room 360 at The Manor of Art

    It’s 105°F in the shade on my balcony as I write this. OMG, if you live in Oregon, you know how unprepared for this kind of heat Portlanders are.  Nevertheless, I kept my promise from the last post, and drove out to The Manor at Milepost 5, to take a couple photos of room 360.

   It was worth the visit: I had the opportunity to see some of John Graeter’s art work. He’s the Artist Coordinator, and Co- Director (along with Chris Haberman) of Portland City Art, the  organization behind The Manor of Art. I was able to view some of John’s collaborative work, made with fellow artist Anna S. King.  Both artists have rooms in The Manor, but the collaborative pieces are for their joint show at Anka Gallery in August. I’m interviewing each of them for pdxArtscene. More on that later.

   Then, upstairs, I took these photographs of empty 360, and measured the walls too, to get an idea how many and which paintings I’ll hang. Sorry, but it was just too hot in the courtyard to do any shots of the exterior building today.

Artists at The Manor of Art: The Energy Collects, Like Thunder Clouds

     David and I were out at Milepost 5 yesterday, preparing room 360 in the old Baptist Retirement Manor for my installation.  Already, artists are moving in materials and tools, and I could almost palpate the energy as it collected in the musty old hallways.  The cool thing about positive energy is how contagious it is. Everyone’s creativity is enhanced by it.

   We’re going back out this afternoon, and today I’ll remember to take a photograph or two for this blog.