JParadisi in Anka Gallery Benefit Show First Thursday December 3, 2009

NW 13th & Marshall (2003) by JParadisi oil on canvas

Ravens (2005) by JParadisi oil on canvas

     I’ve contributed two oil paintings to the December group show at Anka Gallery. Anka Gallery is located in the Everett Street Lofts in Portland’s Old Town Neighborhood. Portions of the sales proceeds will be donated to P:ear and Outside In.

     Ravens (on the Eastbank Esplanade) was featured in the spring 2007 continuing education Pacific Northwest College of Art catalog. NW 13th & Marshall is part of the Greetings from Slabtown series mentioned in a spring 2009 blog post by Sylvia Foley.

     Come by Anka on First Thursday, listen to music, celebrate the holidays, and purchase some great art to help homeless youth in Portland.

First Thursday Opening 

December 3rd 2009
6 – 10pm
Show will run through first of January.
Anka Gallery
325 NW 6-th Ave
Portland, Or 97209


A Very Good Week

A painting by Anna S. King

A painting by Anna S. King/courtesy Anka Gallery

   It’s Sunday, the end of a very busy week for me.

   On Tuesday, I presented The Acorn Contains the Tree before a panel at PNCA for critique. I’m happy to say, they were very kind, and the event marks the completion of a Certificate in Fine Arts…TaDa! I think I may have broken the record for the longest time taken to complete the certificate. No matter, heh, heh, heh, it’s mine.

   I’ve been working on the installation for The Manor of Art at Milepost 5. Besides making a new installation piece specifically for the show, I’ve been writing the artist statement, my bio, and making jpegs for the event’s website.

   Then, there’s the dual interviews for pdxArtscene of artist/curator Anna S. King and artist/curator John Graeter. I finished the drafts last night, and they’re ready for release online. They should be posted sometime before First Thursday, August 6th.  Be sure to visit their show of individual and collaborative work at Anka Gallery this month.

   Then there’s the big news. I received a phone call from New York a couple of days ago. One of my paintings has been accepted (through peer review) by The American Journal of Nursing, and AJN will publish it on the cover of the October 2009 issue.

   It’s been a very good week.

The Acorn Contains the Tree Images Are on My Website

Installation from The Acorn Contains the Tree. artist: J.Paradisi

Installation from The Acorn Contains the Tree at PNCA's 214 Gallery. artist: J.Paradisi

Visit my Visual Art website

to see images from The Acorn Contains the Tree and read the artist’s statement.

J.Paradisi at PNCA July 2nd-30th, First Thursday Opening July 2nd 6-9pm



Post Card image for The Acorn Contains the Tree Exhibit at PNCA artist/photo J.Paradisi

Post Card image for The Acorn Contains the Tree Exhibit at PNCA artist/photo J.Paradisi

The Acorn Contains the Tree,

a series of paintings and an installation piece, is open for exhibit  July 2nd-30th, 2009 in 214 Gallery at Pacific Northwest College of Art, 1241 NW Johnson Street, Portland, Oregon.



I will be at the opening reception on First Thursday, July 2nd from 6-9pm to discuss the artwork.  A few copies of New Lives: Nurses’ Stories about Caring for Babies, containing the two stories I authored, Icarus Again, and Voyagers will be available for purchase that evening. Please stop by 214 Gallery (upstairs) and say hello if you are visiting the Pearl District.

   I am also showing at Anka Gallery 325 NW 6th Ave. , Portland, Or, July 2nd-30th, in the “One more than four” group exhibition. It’s also a show worth visiting.

Wielding a Stethoscope or Paint Brush, It’s all Work

yes, one of my shows includes a birthday cake. photo: J.Paradisi

yes, one of my shows includes a birthday cake. photo: J.Paradisi

   When I left Pediatric Intensive Care nursing for adult oncology, I was making more time for myself. The idea was to create more free time and energy so I can make art and write.  It works, but little did I realize how much energy and time art-making consumes. This past month, I have used every skill of prioritization I learned from nursing to implement the exhibition of not one, but two gallery shows in July.

   Besides making the work itself there is a myriad of tasks  required behind the scenes to produce an art show.  Artist statements are written and mulled over,  images are created for advertisement, postcards designed and printed.  Lettering for the walls is designed and made.  Are we serving food?  Don’t forget the wine and cheese.  It goes on and on. Remember: the outcome all of this will be viewed publicly and judged by your peers.  In the beginning, it feels like a train wreck: how can all of this work be completed and visually coherent?  Obviously, the experience pales next  to nursing in a trauma center and working with a team to save the life of a critically ill child. But the ability to organize the information and prioritize it is the same. Time is critical, and rapid assessment and a plan to meet the need, adjusting it whether to the patient response or the visual whole uses the same skill set.  It’s another way nursing informs my art and art reinforces the clinical skills I use as a nurse with an active clinical practice.

   I will post updates about each of my upcoming shows soon.

Count Down to Thesis Project at PNCA

The beginning of a painting for The Acorn Contains the Tree, by J.Paradisi

The initial sketch of Icarus for The Acorn Contains the Tree, by J.Paradisi

     Maybe you’ve noticed June’s posts have been more informational than reflective. That’s because it’s crunch time for my visual arts  project, The Acorn Contains the Tree. The title is borrowed from James Hillman’s book, The Soul’s Code. I’m spending hours in the studio finishing paintings and an installation piece. The show opens July 2nd and runs through July 30th. 

     I’ve been working on this project with Portland artist and PNCA faculty member, Rhoda London. The show will be installed at Pacific Northwest College of Art in 214 Gallery (upstairs).


J. Paradisi Discusses Her Projects at PNCA Tonight

"Tarot" Julianna Paradisi oil on canvas 2008

"Tarot" Julianna Paradisi oil on canvas 2008 (Sold)

I will briefly discuss my current projects in visual art and the inclusion of my stories in Kaplan Publishing’s New Lives: Nurses’ Stories about Babies tonight  at the Continuing Education Certificate Student Get Together at PNCA.

Date: January 14, 2009

Time: 6 pm -7 pm

Location: Pacific Northwest College of Art, 1241 NW Johnson St., Portland, Oregon 97209