Want to be the Next Eric Cropp? We’re Taking Volunteers

     Just when I thought I had nothing more to say about pharmacist Eric Cropp, and the criminalization of medication errors…

     Pharmacists have an opportunity to find out what the penalties are in Ohio for making a mistake during a medication study.  An Ohio based company is administering the study, and they’re looking for volunteers. Pharmacists must sign a contract to take part. The terms require participating pharmacists to appear in Ohio courts for legal actions related to the contract, where any dispute shall be governed by the laws of that state. Some pharmacists have declined taking part in a study binding them professionally to a state that criminalized medication errors. As predicted, the felony conviction of Eric Cropp has implications beyond state borders.

Eric Cropp, Medication Errors, and Pointing a Gun at Someone’s Head

photo: JParadisi 2009

    I received this article in a Tweet.  For those of you following my posts regarding pharmacist’s Eric Cropp’s sentencing and the criminalization of medication errors:

Not a Wonderful Life: No George Bailey for Pharmacist Eric Cropp and his Patient

Aftermath of the Eric Cropp Sentencing: Will the Criminalization of Medication Errors Make Patients Safer in Ohio?

Mistakes are Judged by Their Outcomes

      Read this article Former Ashville Fireman gets 4 Months for Shooting at Cyclist  and see what you think.


     Is there a difference between medication errors and pointing a gun at someone and pulling the trigger? Are judgement and punishment decided soley by outcome?  What part, if any, does intention play?