Eric Cropp, Medication Errors, and Pointing a Gun at Someone’s Head

photo: JParadisi 2009

    I received this article in a Tweet.  For those of you following my posts regarding pharmacist’s Eric Cropp’s sentencing and the criminalization of medication errors:

Not a Wonderful Life: No George Bailey for Pharmacist Eric Cropp and his Patient

Aftermath of the Eric Cropp Sentencing: Will the Criminalization of Medication Errors Make Patients Safer in Ohio?

Mistakes are Judged by Their Outcomes

      Read this article Former Ashville Fireman gets 4 Months for Shooting at Cyclist  and see what you think.

     Is there a difference between medication errors and pointing a gun at someone and pulling the trigger? Are judgement and punishment decided soley by outcome?  What part, if any, does intention play?