Artist Matt Lamb

Matt Lamb is an internationally recognized artist who uses his fame and resources promoting world peace. Umbrellas for Peace is one avenue of this global pursuit. I have not had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Lamb, but I have read his biography Matt Lamb: The Art of Success, by Richard Speer. Drawn to his story of finding his voice as an artist after a serious health crisis, and leaving a lucrative career, I found many of Mr. Lamb’s insights  about life, death, and creativity resonated within me, a nurse, cancer survivor, and artist. I posted a comment on his blog, thanking him for sharing his story.

Last night, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Matt Lamb wrote a post about my work as an artist and a nurse. His respect for both professions is clear, and I am appreciative of his generosity and kind words. Be sure to check his art, his blog, and Like his Facebook page.

From Cradle to Grave: The Color White Reviewed in Willamette Week

Portland based art critic Richard Speer writes about the paintings of From Cradle to Grave: The Color White, my art show at the Anka Gallery, in the visual arts section of this week’s Willamette Week.

The highlights of the four-person show Kalos Eidos (Color/Beauty/Form) are the haunting paintings of Julianna Paradisi. The artist takes on the color white, normally associated with purity and nobility, and coaxes the creepiness out of it. Her eerie children in christening outfits, brides with empty eyes, and downright scary nurses in white uniforms are deeply unsettling. The fact that Paradisi is herself a registered nurse adds an additional layer of autobiography and ambiguity to the work.” by Richard Speer for WW,

The Anka Gallery will host an open house reception on Thursday, October 21, 2010 from 4pm to 7pm. From Cradle to Grave: The Color White is part of the group show Kalos Eidos, curated by Anna Solcaniova King.  The show closes October 29th.