Artist Matt Lamb

Matt Lamb is an internationally recognized artist who uses his fame and resources promoting world peace. Umbrellas for Peace is one avenue of this global pursuit. I have not had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Lamb, but I have read his biography Matt Lamb: The Art of Success, by Richard Speer. Drawn to his story of finding his voice as an artist after a serious health crisis, and leaving a lucrative career, I found many of Mr. Lamb’s insights  about life, death, and creativity resonated within me, a nurse, cancer survivor, and artist. I posted a comment on his blog, thanking him for sharing his story.

Last night, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Matt Lamb wrote a post about my work as an artist and a nurse. His respect for both professions is clear, and I am appreciative of his generosity and kind words. Be sure to check his art, his blog, and Like his Facebook page.