Spring Time in Portland

photo: J.Paradisi 2009
photo: J.Paradisi 2009

The weather is awesome, especially after a particularly cold winter and there are definitive signs that it’s spring in Oregon.

I’m going to see if I can get a last minute appointment at Bouffant Salon today for a pedicure, so I can wear my sandals with confidence. Amanda is doing my hair today there, too. Nice and fresh for spring.

The cherry trees are in full bloom at Water Front Park. This is a rare year the rain and wind hasn’t immediately obliterated them and the effect is spectacular. It’s fun to see all of the pale legs walking around in shorts, enjoying the sun.

Then there is the sign of spring that is truly an Oregonian thing: The gardening aisle at Fred Meyers is lined with gallon-sized jugs of Mold & Algae killer, Round-Up Weed Killer, and Slug & Snail Bait. So, as you go forth in sunlight, don’t forget your arsenol of protection from nature.

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