Artists’ Opinions Wanted by the NY Times

Photo by J.Paradisi
Photo by J.Paradisi

     Earlier this week I participated in a conversation with several other artists. The discussion began with a reading of Linda Nochlin’s article, Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists? but rapidly transmorgrified into a conversation about the value of the work we do as artists.

     It’s a touchy subject for me. I earn my living through nursing. I do not depend on my income as an artist to pay the bills.  This year I had to pick up a couple extra shifts a month at the day job to cover the rent on my studio. That translates into an adjustment of both energy levels and time in the studio. I notice it, because a I have a large project I’m working on for exhibition this summer.

     I also noticed the difference last First Thursday. I attended a reception for The Chair Affair at Anka Gallery, after a long shift on my feet, nursing. Standing in a gallery full of chairs, all I wanted to do was find a place where I could sit down. 

    However, I realize I am fortunate to have the resource to increase hours at work in this economy. How are  other artists making ends meet? How is this affecting the art they make?

     The New York Times  is wondering the same thing and they want to hear from the artists themselves how the economy affects us. Here’s your chance to speak your mind to the public. They want to hear from visual artists, writers, actors and muscians.  Tell your story by emailing