Recipe: Risotto Cakes

One of my readers asked what risotto cakes are. 

They are delicious. 

 And an elegant way to use leftover risotto for another meal. It’s easy.

First, make your favorite risotto recipe. The traditional saffron risotto of Northern Italy works well. I also like the new recipes recently published in The New York Times Health section. You can find the recipes( by Martha Rose Shulman)  clicking on this link:

     Make the risotto of your choice, and try to leave some leftovers (that’s the hard part). Refrigerate the leftovers until the next day. Using small handfuls, shape the risotto into balls, then flatten into cakes. Bread each cake by dipping into one beaten egg, then into panko flour. Brown 3-4 minutes each side in a pan, using olive oil. Drain on paper towels and serve with a salad or sautéed vegetables.

You can also serve risotto cakes as a base for Eggs Benedict, instead of english muffins.