A Very Good Week

A painting by Anna S. King
A painting by Anna S. King/courtesy Anka Gallery

It’s Sunday, the end of a very busy week for me.

On Tuesday, I presented The Acorn Contains the Tree before a panel at PNCA for critique. I’m happy to say, they were very kind, and the event marks the completion of a Certificate in Fine Arts…TaDa! I think I may have broken the record for the longest time taken to complete the certificate. No matter, heh, heh, heh, it’s mine.

I’ve been working on the installation for The Manor of Art at Milepost 5. Besides making a new installation piece specifically for the show, I’ve been writing the artist statement, my bio, and making jpegs for the event’s website.


Then, there’s the dual interviews for pdxArtscene of artist/curator Anna S. King and artist/curator John Graeter. I finished the drafts last night, and they’re ready for release online. They should be posted sometime before First Thursday, August 6th.  Be sure to visit their show of individual and collaborative work at Anka Gallery this month.

Then there’s the big news. I received a phone call from New York a couple of days ago. One of my paintings has been accepted (through peer review) by The American Journal of Nursing, and AJN will publish it on the cover of the October 2009 issue.

It’s been a very good week.