Love You to Death is the October Cover of The American Journal of Nursing

October 2009 cover of The American Journal of Nursing
October 2009 cover of The American Journal of Nursing

     The American Journal of Nursing has published my painting, Love You to Death on its October cover. You can see it on the website AJNonline, if you don’t already subscribe.


  1. Hello,
    I am not “into” art, occasionally things “strike” me, but I absolutely positively LOVE your painting “I LOVE YOU TO DEATH”. Are there any prints available? I would love to have it framed and in my home.
    It has the perfect feel to it, I adore this piece. Thank you for creating it.

    Ericka R.


  2. Thank you Ericka, for your comment. As an artist, hearing that an image has meaning for someone else feels like that moment in a conversation when another person really hears what you have said; a feeling of recognition between people.

    I am looking into making prints of Love You to Death, and will post the results soon.


  3. I absolutely love the painting as well! I would love to purchase a print too. My husband and I got married on Halloween, and our cake topper was Love Never Dies (with the skeletons in wedding attire). We are kind of obsessed with the theme, and this would make a perfect gift. Please tell me you will have something available before October!


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