Update on Vicki Galle & Anne Mitchell Whistle-Blowing Case


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    I recently posted Texas Nurses Accused of Harassment in Whistle Blower Case  about Vicki Galle and Anne Mitchell, two nurses accused of intent to do harm by reporting a doctor for unsafe medical practice. Charges against Vicki Galle were dismissed, however, 52 year-old Anne Mitchell, if convicted, faces up to 10 years in prison, according to an article written by Kevin Sack, published February 6 in The New York Times.   

     Mitchell is a registered nurse and Compliance Officer for the hospital that fired both her and Galle in June, 2009. The Texas Nurses Association supports Anne Mitchell, and publishes updates about the case on their website. You can also donate to the legal defense fund of Anne Mitchell on the TNA website.


  1. tried the DONATE to the legal defense fund of Anne Mitchell link on your page but got no form. Is it my dialup or is there another link to try? I intend to forward the link to nurses I know. I have been in her position with less severe consequences. . .


  2. Try going directly to the Texas Nurses Association website, and click on their legal defense fund tab. It takes you to a form to fax or mail, or you can donate by phone.
    The TNA website states you can mail a donation to: the Texas Nurses Association Legal Defense Fund, 7600 Burnet Rd., Austin, TX 78757. Or donate by credit card over the phone by calling: 800-862-2022.


  3. What? It’s hard to beleive. These nurses should be rewarded. The fact that they were prosicuted is a crime, and should be investigated as such.


  4. I agree, someone wasn’t thinking. Fortunately, the charges against Vicki Galle were dropped, and Anne Mitchell has been aquitted. I’m proud of the nurses associations who made a strong stand in support of these nurses and brought the case to public attention.


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