Blog Post Supports Anne Mitchell, RN

     An opinion on the Anne Mitchell case is posted by David Gorski on Science Based Medicine. Anne Mitchell, RN stands trial for reporting a doctor for behavior that she asserts is medically inappropriate. She was fired from her job at a Winkler County, Texas hospital for filing the anonymous report. If convicted, Mitchell faces up to 10 years of prison, and a felony record. The Trial has begun.

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  1. Is there a fund to help these women? It takes guts to speak up against a physician who can bring the forces of greater wealth and authority to bear upon those who dare to question their judgement


  2. I agree. If nurses are threatened with legal action for reporting questionable practices in a hospital, then who will dare advocate for patient safety? Charges have been dismissed against Vicki Galle, but Anne Mitchell still stands trial for alleged intention of harassment against the physician, as well as accusations of using confidential information illegally. The Texas Nurses Association has a legal defense fund, and has contributed to the legal fees of both nurses. You can find out more information about donating to this fund and updates on the case at their website


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