Anne Mitchell, RN Aquitted of Charges in Winkler County Whistle Blower Case

     Congratulations to Anne Mitchell, RN and her lawyer John H. Cook IV on winning an acquittal for Anne, charged with misuse of patient information when she reported a doctor for medical misconduct. Mitchell faced charges of using the patient information with intent of harming the career of the doctor. If convicted, Mitchell could have faced imprisonment of up to 10 years, and a fine as large as $10,000. The jury ruled unanimously in Mitchell’s favor, on the first ballot. The Texas Nurses Association, and the American Nurses Association have supported Ms. Mitchell’s innocence.

     Next, Mitchell and her lawyer are prosecuting Winkler County Memorial Hospital, which fired her and Vicki Galle, and Doctor Arafiles in federal court for violation of Mitchell’s First Amendment Rights.

     You go, Anne and Vicki! Thanks for standing at the plate and taking a hit for the team. Your courage as  patient advocates is inspiring.

     Read the New York Times article update  by Kevin Sack here