Love You to Death on Handpainted Clogs by The Swanx!

One of a kind Love You to Death handpainted clogs. photo: jparadisi 2011

My new custom painted clogs  arrived from The Swanx! Cute, huh? I ordered them a few weeks ago.  I wanted my painting Love You to Death transferred onto the hand-painted, one of a kind clogs, and Kira did a fabulous job.  I chose  Love You to Death to commemorate it’s publication On the Cover of the American Journal of Nursing in October 2009.

I can’t wait to wear them. The paint and leather are sealed for protection from water, which is great, because I walk a lot in rainy Portland. They wipe clean with a soft cloth too. I can wear them to work, but I might reserve this special pair for less strenuous activity so they last a very long time.

Thanks Kira!


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