Is There a Difference Between Nurse Burnout and Boredom? This Month’s Post for Off the Charts

This month, in my post for Off the Charts, the blog of the American Journal of Nursing, I consider the differences between nursing burnout and boredom. There’s a great discussion going on in the comments.

Here’s the back-story to Differentiating Nurse Burnout from Boredom:

Nurse Niki received an email from a nursing student asking Niki her thoughts on various subspecialties of pediatric nursing (I am charmed that Nurse Niki gets emails). The student was concerned with the possibility of some subspecialties being more boring than others. Her comment coincided with my current change of employers, which I’d previously written about, also for Off the Charts. Surprisingly, or maybe not, I find myself recharged by the change, even though I hadn’t initiated it.

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