Art & Nursing: New Work

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  1. I love the painting, I have been knitting hats, giving them away. Attending meetings with refugees and undocumented immigrants, writing letters, making calls, finding women to challenge our all-male school board, crying, eating the wrong things, sleeping a lot. I know my greatest rebellious action would be to focus on my work, but I have no energy. But, today is another day, and I started with a walk and looked at your painting, and so I will commit to writing a little something …..


  2. Naseem, you express my grief as well. I find it difficult to do creative work too. The crying, the sleeping, the eating the wrong things…the same. As you write, helping others is a salve for traumatized souls. When the words are too difficult for me to write, my feelings too complex, visual art is my refuge. Thank you for your comment, it means so much to me.


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