SirenNation Visual Art Show, Portland Oregon, November 2018

Quickened Towards All Celestial Things
graphite, acrylic, oil on wood 20″ x 20″ 2018

Quickened Towards All Celestial Things, graphite, acrylic, oil on wood, 20″ x 20″ by Julianna Paradisi 2018
On exhibit in November as part of the Siren Nation Visual Art Show Portland 5 Centers for the Arts Antoinette Hatfield Hall, 1111 SW Broadway, Portland, OR 97205
Save the Date! Opening Reception: Thursday, November 1, 2018 from 5:00 to 8:00 pm.
Beverages and complimentary snacks available. All ages!

Art & Nursing: New Work

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Latest Posts: AJN’s Off the Charts & New Nurse Niki

Drawing From Life is my latest post for Off the Charts, the blog of the American Journal of Nursing. It posted yesterday. Often the lines between art and nursing easily blur, like soft charcoal lines smudged on paper. You might want to check it out, or leave a comment.

The Adventures of Nurse Niki now posts new episodes on Mondays, instead of Thursdays. Be sure to read week’s episode, Moving On..

The Adventures of Nurse Niki Chapter 2 is Posted!

The Adventures of Nurse Niki Chapter 2 is posted. This week, Niki begins discussing her workplace. On Facebook, Niki explains some of the differences between Pediatric Intensive Care Nursing, and Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing. These two nursing specialties are often misunderstood by lay people. I let Niki post one of my drawings to her Facebook page too. Please be sure to Like Nurse Niki’s Facebook Page, and you can Follow Nurse Niki on Twitter @NurseNikiAdven

Introducing The Adventures of Nurse Niki

I’d like to introduce to you Nurse Niki, a product of my imagination. You can get to know Niki on her blog, The Adventures of Nurse Niki (fiction so lifelike it’s almost real) launching today. Please Like her Facebook page. Follow Nurse Niki on Twitter @NurseNikiAdven. She’s looking forward to interacting with readers on all three sites.

The Adventures of Nurse Niki

The Adventures of Nurse Niki

Although a fictional character, Nurse Niki is a real nurse, and by that I mean she faces similar conflicts the rest of us do.  She’ll blog about the tensions between her personal and professional lives, among other things.

I’ve been blogging at JParadisiRN since 2009, and I still haven’t said everything I intend to say, so JParadisiRN blog remains status quo.

The Adventures of Nurse Niki is a work of fiction that hopefully rings true.

The Adventures of Nurse Niki

The Adventures of Nurse Niki Facebook Page


The JParadisiRN Art Store: In Time for Nurses Day & Graduation

Nurse mugs now available at the JParadisiRN Art Store.

Nurse mugs now available at the JParadisiRN Art Store.

The JParadisiRN Art Store is NEW, offering three paintings of nurses, including a brand new painting of a man-nurse, “Don’t Call Me Murse.”  Two of my most requested paintings, “Sometimes My Surgical Mask Feels Like a Gag,” and “The White That Binds (Pinning Ceremony)” are also available. You can choose a mug from seven different styles, and customize them with the options offered.

I will offer new items soon. Be sure to take a look.

There’s also a permanent link to the JParadisiRNArtStore on this blog’s right-hand column.

Ah Yes! Back in The Studio

I write so much about nursing and art that I sometimes forget I’m a painter. Low census yesterday meant I had a free day in the studio, with this result. I love the flexible hours of nursing!

Untitled (Woman Holding Baby Doll) oil on wood by jparadisi 2013

Untitled (Woman Holding Baby Doll) oil on wood by jparadisi 2013

We’re Kind of a Big Deal

If you look closely at the left side bar of the J Paradisi RN home page, you will notice the Alltop widget. Groucho Marx supposedly said, “I would never join a club that would have me as a member,” but that’s Groucho. You can subscribe to my RSS feed by clicking on this link.

You Can Find Me Here

This week, the American Journal of Nursing’s blog, Off the Charts posted Workplace Violence: Who’s Problem Is It? written by me. Much thanks to editor, Jacob Molyneux.

My short piece, The Wisdom of Nursery Rhymes, was published in the February 2011 issue of the American Journal of Nursing.

The Art of Nursing in the March 2011 issue of AJN features Mean Girls (First Communion II), from the series of paintings, From Cradle to Grave: The Color White. Special thanks to editor Sylvia Foley, coördinator of The Art of Nursing.   The Anka Gallery, Portland, Oregon  exhibited From Cradle to Grave: The Color White in October 2010.

JParadisi RN Recipe Included in Oncology Nursing Society Cookbook

The oncology Nursing Society Cookbook, copyright 2010

The Oncology Nursing Society has published a cookbook. My copy arrived this morning. Its loose-leaf binding, and wipe-clean cover is quite nice. Oncology nurses from all over the United States contributed recipes, and I’m already wondering which ones I’ll try first. Some are even gluten-free. I contributed a recipe, found on page 17.

You can order a copy for $12.99  plus $5 shipping and handling per book ($17.99 total, per book) by sending a check or money order to:

Oncology Nursing Society

125 Enterprise Dr.

Pittsburgh, PA 15275

(412) 859-6100