Another New Episode of The Adventures of Nurse Niki!

Go forth. the teller of tales. and seize whatever the heart longs for. 

_W. B. Yeats

Read the  newest episode of The Adventures of Nurse Niki, Nothing is Going to HelpWhile you’re there, you’ll notice the blog has a new look designed to be mobile device friendly, and easier to navigate.

Readers might wonder why I’ve resumed writing The Adventures of Nurse Niki after a long hiatus. The answer is that I never actually stopped writing The Adventures of Nurse Niki. I have a notebook of ideas for story, dialog, and scenes kept during the break, but developing them into full episodes took a backseat to my roles as an oncology nurse navigator, painter, and family needs. Something had to fall off my full plate, and unfortunately, it was Nurse Niki.

Since these issues are now resolved, I realize I’ve been hearing the voices of Nurse Niki, Cory, Maddie, and Simon in the back of my mind, patiently waiting for me to let them tell their stories. I realize how much I enjoy writing the blog, and so I’ve resumed. When something creative comes as easily as writing The Adventures of Nurse Niki you just have to go with it.

I hope you find the effort entertaining.

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