Opening of CHAP Art Factory This Saturday. Patch Adams @PSU February 20 &21

 CHAP is one of my favorite local organizations supportiing the children of our community. Please take a moment to read this newsletter and find out more about them.


Saturday, February 14
1030 NW Marshall (2 blocks from the old CHAP studio)
Opening on a plug and a prayer!!!!!!!

In keeping with CHAP’s love of “Recession Retail” and the litany of miracles that came our way during CHAP HOLIDAY BIZARRE 2008,  we are opening our new and improved CHAP ART FACTORY on Valentine’s Day! Our new location at 1030 NW Marshall in the Pearl faces Tanner Springs Park and the beautiful Fremont Bridge.  We are in another LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) building that is so perfectly built that CHAP is opening our 4,200 square foot factory with only a single electrical outlet — just enough to spark up a computer and a stereo. There’s no heat yet (wear warm clothes and you will be fine), but two massive walls of floor-to-ceiling glass allow us to work all day in the glory of sunlight.  We now have indoor plumbing!!!
As usual, wear your CHAP art uniforms and get ready to make art for the New Year.  Right now we are focusing on painting in its many forms, creating mandalas, and building spirit towers with Kara and Mary (CHAP’s “Thelma and Louise” of teaching artists). We will be open every Saturday from noon to 5pm (and maybe on Sundays soon).  The CHAP ART FACTORY will help  fund our ongoing mission of bringing the healing power of art to children in crisis.  So this is the plan:  all kids are welcome to come explore CHAP-style for $5 an hour (this is NOT daycare — parents/guardians must remain on-site). Moms, dads or nannies can help with CHAP art projects, like creating ART HUTS from raincoat fabric donated by Columbia Sportswear.  These magical portable (and rainproof) art studios will be packed with paint, brushes, paper and the best wishes of Portland and will be sent around the world with the first heading to a children’s hospital in Afghanistan.
The CHAP ART FACTORY will also host Art Birthday parties,  and 
“I AM DONE” parties celebrating a child’s (or adult’s) last day of chemo.  It is a work in progress — we move ahead with excitement & joy.
February 14th is ART CLUB for kids from the hospitals, Jack’s Wild Birthday Party, the GRAND OPENING of the CHAP ART FACTORY, and Valentine’s Day. This will be a day to remember (and film).  Come be a part of CHAP’S pro-service, non-profit world.


ART CLUB on 2/14: 2-5pm
GRAND OPENING on 2/14: noon-5pm
ART FACTORY: OPEN noon-5pm EVERY Saturday

Friday & Saturday, February 20 & 21
Patch Adams is coming to PSU, and CHAP is a sponsor of the event. 
Tickets are about 10% of admission fees in other cities,
so do not miss this arts in healthcare opportunity.



Mr. Bossy (aka: Art Guy, dba: Frank)                  LINDSAY ROSS
Executive+Artistic Director                               Managing Director                                            
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Children’s Healing Art Project’s ART FACTORY | 1030 NW Marshall | Portland | OR | 97209

Courage in Winter

It’s February and one of my orchids decided to bloom anyway. I appreciate this, because it sits on the windowsill, without special treatment. Maybe it doesn’t want to be shown up by the Christmas cactus.

J.Paradisi photo February 3, 2009

J.Paradisi photo February 3, 2009

I Wish I’d Said It

No artist needs criticism, he only needs appreciation. If he needs criticism he is no artist.

Gertrude Stein

Tuesday January 27 2009

Brian sent this photo of the two of us takan at the Chinese Garden by Portland artist Nick Grainger.

Brian sent this photo of the two of us taken on his infamous iPhone at the Chinese Garden by Portland artist Nick Grainger.

J. Paradisi Discusses Her Projects at PNCA Tonight

"Tarot" Julianna Paradisi oil on canvas 2008

"Tarot" Julianna Paradisi oil on canvas 2008 (Sold)

I will briefly discuss my current projects in visual art and the inclusion of my stories in Kaplan Publishing’s New Lives: Nurses’ Stories about Babies tonight  at the Continuing Education Certificate Student Get Together at PNCA.

Date: January 14, 2009

Time: 6 pm -7 pm

Location: Pacific Northwest College of Art, 1241 NW Johnson St., Portland, Oregon 97209

Kaplan Publishing Includes Two Stories by J.ParadisiRN in New Anthology

Kaplan Publishing includes my stories Icarus Again and Voyagers in its latest anthology, New Lives: Nurses’ Stories about Babies. Edited by Kathleen Huggins, the book is part of the Kaplan Voices series and will be released in May 2009. It is available for preorder now at, Barnes & Noble, and Target.Nurses' Stories about Babies