Julianna Paradisi with Her Painting at With Bated Breath : Juried Invitational Show at Gallery 114 Opening Reception


At Gallery 114 for the opening reception fo With Bated Breath photo credit: David E. Forinash

Many thanks to the members of Gallery 114 for hosting a well-attended opening reception for the juried group exhibition, With Bated Breath. It’s a gorgeously curated show, and it was a pleasure meeting you!

Show runs through February 1, 2020. Gallery hours are Thursday-Sunday, 12 pm – 6 pm.

Julianna Paradisi (JParadisiRN) Painting Included in With Bated Breath Group Show at Gallery 114

Happy New Year!

Waiting For Clarity: Sunbreak Over The Broadway Bridge, mixed media 12″ x 16″ by Julianna Paradisi 2019

The above painting, Waiting For Clarity: Sunbreak Over The Broadway Bridge, is included in the juried invitational group show With Bated Breath, at Gallery 114, opening First Thursday, tomorrow evening, January 2, 2020 6 pm – 9 pm. The show features work by artists from Oregon, California, Washington, Wyoming, Ohio, Arizona, New Mexico, Arkansas, Texas and Montana.

I’m pleased to invite my Portland readers to attend the opening and artist reception at Gallery 114 

Show runs through February 1, 2020.

J.Paradisi at PNCA July 2nd-30th, First Thursday Opening July 2nd 6-9pm



Post Card image for The Acorn Contains the Tree Exhibit at PNCA artist/photo J.Paradisi

Post Card image for The Acorn Contains the Tree Exhibit at PNCA artist/photo J.Paradisi

The Acorn Contains the Tree,

a series of paintings and an installation piece, is open for exhibit  July 2nd-30th, 2009 in 214 Gallery at Pacific Northwest College of Art, 1241 NW Johnson Street, Portland, Oregon.



I will be at the opening reception on First Thursday, July 2nd from 6-9pm to discuss the artwork.  A few copies of New Lives: Nurses’ Stories about Caring for Babies, containing the two stories I authored, Icarus Again, and Voyagers will be available for purchase that evening. Please stop by 214 Gallery (upstairs) and say hello if you are visiting the Pearl District.

   I am also showing at Anka Gallery 325 NW 6th Ave. , Portland, Or, July 2nd-30th, in the “One more than four” group exhibition. It’s also a show worth visiting.

Opening of CHAP Art Factory This Saturday. Patch Adams @PSU February 20 &21

 CHAP is one of my favorite local organizations supportiing the children of our community. Please take a moment to read this newsletter and find out more about them.


Saturday, February 14
1030 NW Marshall (2 blocks from the old CHAP studio)
Opening on a plug and a prayer!!!!!!!

In keeping with CHAP’s love of “Recession Retail” and the litany of miracles that came our way during CHAP HOLIDAY BIZARRE 2008,  we are opening our new and improved CHAP ART FACTORY on Valentine’s Day! Our new location at 1030 NW Marshall in the Pearl faces Tanner Springs Park and the beautiful Fremont Bridge.  We are in another LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) building that is so perfectly built that CHAP is opening our 4,200 square foot factory with only a single electrical outlet — just enough to spark up a computer and a stereo. There’s no heat yet (wear warm clothes and you will be fine), but two massive walls of floor-to-ceiling glass allow us to work all day in the glory of sunlight.  We now have indoor plumbing!!!
As usual, wear your CHAP art uniforms and get ready to make art for the New Year.  Right now we are focusing on painting in its many forms, creating mandalas, and building spirit towers with Kara and Mary (CHAP’s “Thelma and Louise” of teaching artists). We will be open every Saturday from noon to 5pm (and maybe on Sundays soon).  The CHAP ART FACTORY will help  fund our ongoing mission of bringing the healing power of art to children in crisis.  So this is the plan:  all kids are welcome to come explore CHAP-style for $5 an hour (this is NOT daycare — parents/guardians must remain on-site). Moms, dads or nannies can help with CHAP art projects, like creating ART HUTS from raincoat fabric donated by Columbia Sportswear.  These magical portable (and rainproof) art studios will be packed with paint, brushes, paper and the best wishes of Portland and will be sent around the world with the first heading to a children’s hospital in Afghanistan.
The CHAP ART FACTORY will also host Art Birthday parties,  and 
“I AM DONE” parties celebrating a child’s (or adult’s) last day of chemo.  It is a work in progress — we move ahead with excitement & joy.
February 14th is ART CLUB for kids from the hospitals, Jack’s Wild Birthday Party, the GRAND OPENING of the CHAP ART FACTORY, and Valentine’s Day. This will be a day to remember (and film).  Come be a part of CHAP’S pro-service, non-profit world.


ART CLUB on 2/14: 2-5pm
GRAND OPENING on 2/14: noon-5pm
ART FACTORY: OPEN noon-5pm EVERY Saturday

Friday & Saturday, February 20 & 21
Patch Adams is coming to PSU, and CHAP is a sponsor of the event. 
Tickets are about 10% of admission fees in other cities,
so do not miss this arts in healthcare opportunity.



Mr. Bossy (aka: Art Guy, dba: Frank)                  LINDSAY ROSS
Executive+Artistic Director                               Managing Director

frank@chap.name                                                      lindsay@chap.name
503.243.5294                                                            504.258.2475                      





Children’s Healing Art Project’s ART FACTORY | 1030 NW Marshall | Portland | OR | 97209

Greetings From Slabtown


Corner of NW 13th & Marshall J.Paradisi 2003

Corner of NW 13th & Marshall J.Paradisi 2003


     The paintings in the series Greetings From Slabtown began when I painted the view from the window of the loft I was living in a few years ago.

      The White Tower, prominent in most of the paintings, is gone – torn down to make room for what is now The Wyatt. Incidentally, the  day that the tower was torn down and lay in rubble, was the same day that one of my very favorite cancer patients (a physician) died.  I knew he was dead the moment I saw the tower crumpled in sections in the street, on my way to work.  But that’s another story.

        My interest in these buildings expanded to include the beautiful old industrial buildings which grace the part of Northwest Portland once known as Slabtown. The name Slabtown refers to the wood mills located in the area, along the Willamette River. Portlanders used to go to these mills and buy “slabs” left over from the trees that were processed into lumber and use them for fuel to heat their homes.

       These old buildings, many abandoned and left in disrepair, nonetheless stand against the sky as graceful and elegant as old world nobility who have lost their fortune.

   The old buildings have weathered storms and upheaval. I see these landmarks as sentinels, surviving both prosperity and decline, now transforming into something new as Slabtown becomes the Pearl District and takes on another identity.

      They remind me that change is constant in life and not to fear it. No matter how attached I become to a particular time or era, place or person, nothing lasts forever. Good and bad times are borne, live out their purpose, then pass away. It is as it should be, though the process is often painful.

As a frail human, I grieve the losses that are inevitably experienced. As an artist, I find change inspiring and fascinating: a new opportunity to create. The past, present, and future are grand scale versions of the art process itself . As in creating a work of art, the choices and influences one brings to life are plastic, mutable, and up to the individual.

click on this link  http://juliannaparadisi.googlepages.com/ to see the remaining images of Greetings From Slabtown.